The ezeio System enables remote monitoring, control and management of new and existing equipment.


eze System is designed to minimize costs and risks, without compromising any functionality or ease of use.


Secure by Design

The system was purposely designed for the Internet with the focus on tackling remote connectivity and security first. 


The ezeio solution is secure by design whereby other systems need to be made secure by adding solutions which are not user-friendly.

Feature Rich

eze System provides the most feature rich solution in the IIoT-area.


With eze System you make all your equipment IoT-capable for remote monitoring, control, automation, consolidation and transaction handling.

Easy to Use

We make remote monitoring and control via the Internet easier than ever.


The ezeio system is designed to be easy to deploy and use for anything from a single temperature probe to large systems

Cost Effective

eze System has the most complete, easy to use, secure and cost-effective solution for remote monitoring, control and automation in the world of IIoT.

Smart Feature


eze let you view and display all your data in real-time. Use the pre- configured reports, powerful dashboard or use the open APIs to integrate with your other systems for real time visualization.

Some of our success stories

Field Service Management

Predictive maintenance gets more and more important to keep up and develop competitiveness.


The faster, easier, more flexible and cost effective you can get hold of you equipment remotely the better you can perform.


eze System helps you to be both pro active and smart.

Construction Sites

The Construction Industry is one of the least digitalized.


There is an enormous potential in increased efficiency and quality by adopting IT-solutions for planning, monitoring, analyzing and adjust the construction process.


eze System provides you with the necessary tools and solutions for that.

Energy Management

Whether you need to get hold of an energy meter for visualization or if you looking for a solution for EV-chargers.


eze System have the solution for you.


Measure, report, control, automate and transaction handling – all in one secure and Internet ready system.


eze System


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