Internet of Things has begun to truly welcome and integrate 21st century innovations into to the agricultural sector. Smart optimization solutions are conceiving advances in everything from logistic processes to micro sensors for leaves and plants. Here at eze System, our products give you the connectivity and platforms you need to accomplish a truly state-of-the-art performance.


By 2050, a population spurt will see planet Earth needing to produce 70% more food, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. To meet this demand and eradicate bad yields, farmers and growers must turn to Smart monitoring, advanced control, and automation solutions to optimize and increase production.


eze System´s solutions will support the agricultural sector by introducing cloud-based monitoring, greater levels of control, and customizable automation solutions. Coupled with low-cost solar power and wireless stations, ezeio™ will deliver a flexible, cost-effective solution for the entire agricultural sphere, from small greenhouse installations to large multi-purpose farms.


Agricultural partners are benefited by the ability to:

  • Collect data in real-time for immediate field condition assessment.

  • Simplify data collection and eliminate spreadsheets.

  • Set customizable alerts based on any condition or threshold.

  • Manage and control equipment 24/7 via the internet.

  • Integrate actionable field data with external weather info.

  • Predict problems before they occur by harnessing real-time data.


Equipment Management

Our impressive ezeio controller has a powerful internal alarm and alerting system, one application for example, is to set up a temperature sensor input to send an email or SMS when the temperature is out of range.

Humidity & Moisture

For many applications, readily-available humidity and moisture data is advantageous, especially those involving animals, plants and sensitive electronics. ezeio supports several different humidity monitoring applications.


Temperature is simple to measure and is a critical physical property that can have a drastic impact on both efficiency and environment. There are many reasons to both keep track of and control temperature.

Temp & Humidity

eze Systems solution for connecting alarms to the Internet massively reduces the risk of missing an alarm, by making all sensors, signals or systems available through an easily-understandable web portal.

Use Cases


Micro Paradox

Micro Paradox supplies many cultivars of Walnut, Almond, Pistachio, Cherry, Pecan and Apple rootstocks. More than six million root stocks are delivered each year. Significant time and effort goes into a single order and on-time delivery is critical.

Nichols Farms

Find a flexible, cost-effective solution for real-time monitoring and control that can integrate with external data sources (weather, etc.) and cover 100’s of acres.


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