Our impressive ezeio controller has a powerful internal alarm and alerting system, one application for example, is to set up a temperature sensor input to send an email or SMS when the temperature is out of range.


Customizable messages can easily be sent via email, SMS, voice calls, and more, to multiple recipients if desired. Alarms can also be used for simple automation; instead of sending a message, the alarm action can activate a relay or change a thermostat’s schedule.


Each input on the ezeio controller can be configured with multiple alarm thresholds, so when input exceeds the given threshold, the controller can execute one, or a number of actions, such as sending emails or SMS messages.


The input will not trigger another action until the alarm condition is restored, and the restore threshold is also programmable for every alarm. ezeio controller offers the ability for actions to be sent based on conditions, like a schedule, meaning you can easily set up a warning message if your door is opened at night, or the power demand spikes.


Messages can be sent to:

  • SMS

  • Email

  • Voice

  • Twitter

  • API


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