At the starting point of the Smart city journey, those behind the project must define their unique primary challenges. These objectives often relate to waste management, parking, lighting, pollution detection and transport.


To monitor the effective growth of these areas, monitoring must take place. eze System delivers a simple and cost-effective approach, allowing your Smart city monitoring and automation to support your Smart city plan without exceeding your communication budget.



Our impressive ezeio™ controller has a powerful internal alarm and alerting system, one application for example, is to set up a temperature sensor input to send an email or SMS when the temperature is out of range.


Each store was equipped with a 3-phase energy meter and an ezeio controller. Data from each phase is recorded every 5 minutes and weekly report is generated for each store. The report is automatically emailed to management.

Volvo Truck Center

Existing alarm outputs from oil separators, drains and pump systems are now connected to ezeio™ controllers, and several new sensors have been added to monitor temperature, among other data sets.

Krispy Kreme

One ezeio™ controller was set up in each store, monitoring the electrical current to the signs. The controllers were pre-programmed with a unique store ID, and the on/off signal was sent immediately (<1 second) to the Krispy Kreme App server.


All existing electrical and cooling meters were connected to ezeio™, accounting for the different meter types buy using a mixture of Modbus, S0 pulse, and analogue output.

Energy & Power

An open API enables a secure, encrypted and validated integration and communication with other systems for data processing, such as with visualization software, financial tools, or automation/SCADA software.


Observing and logging exact on & off times, and correlating that data with your energy consumption information may reveal huge savings opportunities.


You can reduce your monthly energy bills by up to 32% by monitoring your energy consumption accurately, but the key to large savings is a truly deep and involved analysis of the energy efficiency process.

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