Cloud Service

Our powerful web service,, has been designed with your needs in mind, and is your primary user interface for the eze System.



Through a single login area, you can access any number of your controllers and sites using a standard web browser, from anywhere in the world.


The dashboard is a collection of widgets, each of which can be configured to show live or historic data from one, or many sensors and ezeio controllers.


The widget layout is organized by a drag & drop system, with any number of widgets viewable on a single dashboard.


Each user is provided with two dashboards, one for personal use, and one shared with all other users on the same account.

Status screen

A status screen shows the most current information from a controller, with this information being typically updated every 3-4 seconds.


All of the inputs and outputs, as well as position, thermostat settings, and an event log are also collected on this screen.


The left column displays a list of all controllers on the account and their online status. Outputs can also be turned on or off directly from this screen.


The configuration area provides access to all of the features of the ezeio controller.

In this space, any updates made to the configuration are immediately saved in the database, and if the controller is online, the changes are automatically synced.


If the controller is offline, the changes will be synced as soon as the controller comes back online.


All of the configuration changes are automatic, secure and robust

Script editor

Most users will never use or adjust the script, but for the curious or advanced, there is a script editor built right into the web-user interface.


Scripts can be written and downloaded just like other configurations, and will run in the controller seconds after you click save.

Account Management

Each account allows for multiple users and controllers, but unlike systems where each piece of hardware has a password, the ezeio system centralizes the management to make your experience more free-flowing.


This functionality makes the system much easier to manage, and with each user having a personal login, access level management and user deactivation are easy to implement


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