Control & Automate

The ezeio solution leads with connectivity, security, and communication. Secure key protocols and key management make it an ideal piece of technology for control, monitoring and logging data, as it is not vulnerable to the worms and viruses that other solutions. Communication and commands can be both easily sent and received via email, SMS, API integration and our web portal.


The sophisticated built-in logic makes the ezeio solution easy-to-use when it comes to setting up input triggers and scheduled control outputs. For more advanced users, there is an editable scripting engine.


Some impressive benefits include:

  • The use of ezeio for local automation of events, such as the cooling of overheated equipment.

  • Calendar & time, mathematical, string, communication, scripting, and library functions for a high level of personalization.

  • ezeio solution can be applied as the controller for local automation, or for remote connectivity needs.


Equipment Management

Our impressive ezeio controller has a powerful internal alarm and alerting system, one application for example, is to set up a temperature sensor input to send an email or SMS when the temperature is out of range.



An open API enables a secure, encrypted and validated integration and communication with other systems for data processing, such as with visualization software, financial tools, or automation/SCADA software.


You can reduce your monthly energy bills by up to 32% by monitoring your energy consumption accurately, but the key to large savings is a truly deep and involved analysis of the energy efficiency process.

Use Case



With existing systems ranging from small freestanding cabinet-sized refrigerators to walk-in freezer rooms, a solution that supported both discrete temperature sensors, but also could interface to existing temperature controllers was required.


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