Sensors and Expansions

Easily add sensors and modules, including inputs and outputs, to the ezeio Controller.


The base controller has four analog inputs and two relay outputs.

These modules and sensors connect to the ezeio controller via Modbus, Microlan or wireless and adds additional resources that can be accessed by the controller.

Sensors and Expansions



Temperature is usually an easy thing to understand and measure. It is a critical physical property that may have high impact on efficiency and environment.


There are many reasons to both keep track of and control temperature.



Easily expand the ezeio Controller with additional inputs and outputs using this wireless expansion module. 


Each input can be configured for 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-30mA, resistance/switched or pulse. In addition to the four inputs, there are also two Form-C relay outputs.

Humidity and Moisture


Humidity tells us how much water vapor is in the air. Relative humidity is the percentage of how much vapor the air holds of the maximum amount it can hold at a specific temperature.


Moisture usually refers to the water content in soil, and is expressed as a ratio between dry (0) and complete saturation.

Accessories and other meters


Everything can be measured with the right sensor. And ezeio can handle data from most of them.


Here are some examples of different media and functions. Contact us for more information.

Energy and Current


Some meters have a digital output. The ezeio supports Modbus directly, and through the Modbus communication the meter can communicate more information than the pulse output can convey. A


Modbus meter may provide information about both power and energy for each phase, voltage, current, power factor and many other parameters. The ezeio supports up to 20 Modbus meters at the same time.


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