Meters with pulse outputs are designed to interface to counters. The ezeio system works well as a counter. A volume meter will output a pulse for a certain volume, and the number of pulses will tell us the total volume that passed through that meter.


Counting can be used for:

  • Volume metering – counting pulses from a volume/flow meter.

  • Rotations/speed – counting the turns on an anemometer, windmill or waterwheel.

  • Visitor counts – monitor the number of customers or visitors to a show/store.

  • Manufacturing – keep track of production parameters.


Counting can involve both the total number of events over time, but also the rate/frequency of the events. The ezeio can handle both rate and count at the same time.


Obviously the application requirements will dictate the type of sensors used to pick up the events to be counted. Some sensors types may be magnetic/reed switches, photo interrupters, simple switches or ultrasonic or infra-red motion sensors.

Counting with ezeio

The ezeio controller can accept up to four pulse sensors directly connected to the input terminal. The controller will count the pulses and store the count in a non volatile memory, as well as time the pulse interval in milliseconds for applications where the pulse rate is of interest.


Both the pulse count and the pulse rate is accessible from the web in real time and historic.


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