Whether you need an energy meter for visualization, or a solution for EV-chargers, eze System has an advanced and affordable solution for you. Measure, report, control, automate and handle data transactions within one simple, secure and internet-optimized system.


The internet contains an abundance of information, however, very little of that data comes directly from the real world, so ezeio functions as your information bridge between the physical and the digital.


Monitor and log Energy and Power data with ezeio

  • ezeio updates your energy and power data every ten seconds, makes it accessible in real-time and historically, storing it for three years, all from your web browser.

  • You can download your preferred interval of saved data in various formats (such as a spreadsheet), or configure reports to be sent to your email inbox daily, weekly or monthly.

  • An open API allows for an easy integration with other systems for data processing, for example, visualization software, financial tools and automation/SCADA software.

  • We guarantee secure, encrypted and validated communication channels.

  • We believe the ability to accumulate and access real-time, accurate data from the physical world is key to improving global efficiency and loss reduction.


Monitor & Log

The ezeio system functions as the bridge between your browser and the physical world.

Our system attaches sensors and meters, allowing you to instantly access data through our powerful, user-friendly and secure website.

Energy & Power

An open API enables a secure, encrypted and validated integration and communication with other systems for data processing, such as with visualization software, financial tools, or automation/SCADA software.

Sub Metering

By monitoring consumption on site, usage anomalies can be identified immediately and resolved, eliminating cost leakage. Similarly, monitoring allows energy management strategies to be deployed to help scale down the total cost of supply at each site

Energy Management

All of your electricity meter data is available in a dashboard containing graphic visualizations, where it is immediately retrievable and downloadable into open file formats.

Use Cases


Solar hot water

The aging energy meter was going bad, and was very inconvenient to read. No communication wiring was available in the machine room, and the flow sensor for the old meter did not function.


All existing electrical and cooling meters were connected to ezeio, accounting for the different meter types buy using a mixture of Modbus, S0 pulse, and analogue output.


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