You are able to easily add sensors and modules, including inputs and outputs, to the ezeio Controller. To make that possible, the base controller has been designed with four analog inputs and two relay outputs.

These modules and sensors connect to the ezeio controller via Modbus, Microlan, or wireless, and add additional resources that can be accessed by the controller.

I/O Expander

Easily expand the ezeio Controller with additional inputs and outputs using this wireless expansion module. Each input can be configured for 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-30mA, resistance/switched or pulse. In addition to the four inputs, there are also two Form-C relay outputs.


This wireless module is ideal for monitoring free-standing refrigeration units, hard to reach flow sensors or energy meters.


When used in pulse mode, each input has a non-volatile 32-bit counter, and the device will also measure the time between pulses up to 65s with ms resolution.


  • Four general purpose inputs

  • Two relay outputs

  • Up to 300ft range

  • Less than 0.2W self draw

  • Easy to mount, connect and configure

  • Up to 9 expanders per ezeio Controller

  • Built in non-resettable pulse count registers

  • External radio link status LED


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