Flow and Volume

The SI unit for volume is m³. Other units, like Liter, Gallon or ft³ are also often used.

Flow is simply volume per time, and can be measured in m³/s or any other volume and time unit that has a reasonable scale for the application.


Flow measurements have many applications:

  • HVAC – monitor airflow in ducts.

  • Natural gas – monitor usage over time and record.

  • Water supply – use volume readings for billing and flow to monitor instantaneous use.

  • Wastewater and drainage – monitor volume and flow to catch performance or flooding issues.

  • District heating – combine flow measurements with temperature differential to calculate energy useage.


Flow and volume meters are often similar and sometimes performs both functions in the same device. The simplest form of flow meter is a paddle wheel with a lap-counter, just like a bicycle speedometer. For every rotation the meter will output a pulse, so the speed of the pulses correspond to the rate of flow. The number of pulses would then correspond to the volume. There are many other methods to measure flow, such as using ultrasonics, loaded vanes, pressure differentials, magnetic sensors or vortex detectors. Your choice of meter will depend on the specifics of the application.


The signal from the flow meter can be pulse, analog or digital.

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Measuring flow and volume with the ezeio system

The ezeio system makes it easy to remotely monitor flow and volume. The standard interfaces on the ezeio supports many types of flow and volume meters, and the data is automatically made available remotely via any standard web browser.


Monitor instantaneous flow in real time, or analyze flow and volume historically over time. Create reports, alarms sent via email, SMS or even Voice calls.


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