Using the ezeio system will hand you full control of your HVAC via a web browser, or even your smartphone. Scheduling and set-points are accessible from any web browser, and email or SMS can control whether your HVAC is active or on stand by.


Additional scheduling features are also integrated, such as remote thermostat programming, switching to an alternate schedule during holidays, adding demand control features, and monitoring run time. Demand control logic and logging are also available and can be customized using the ezeio script.




Our impressive ezeio controller has a powerful internal alarm and alerting system, one application for example, is to set up a temperature sensor input to send an email or SMS when the temperature is out of range.



If these situations resonate with you, eze System can support and facilitate the improvement of your overall business efficiency and effectiveness, by applying our powerful, feature-rich and cost-effective ezeio technology for remote monitoring and control.


Observing and logging exact on & off times, and correlating that data with your energy consumption information may reveal huge savings opportunities.



If you have a property management system, financial system, or analysis tool, you are able to easily and securely download data via the API, or let eze servers send encrypted data to your system.


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