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Inservio Vaccine Refrigerators

Inservio services thousands of refrigerators holding vaccines and other valuable medical supplies in Australia. Many of the vaccines are very sensitive to temperature shifts, so if a refrigerator door is left open or there is a power failure, all content needs to be disposed of and the refrigerator restocked immediately.


It can be a life-and death situation if bad vaccine is administered after a spider, snake bite or other medical emergency.


With existing systems ranging from small freestanding cabinet-sized refrigerators to walk-in freezer rooms, a solution that supported both discrete temperature sensors, but also could interface to existing temperature controllers was required.


Most sites have no network available, so a cellular link was required. In addition, the system needed to monitor the delivery vehicles' locations and refrigerator temperatures.


The ezeio 3G/cellular controller was deployed to several hundreds of sites served by Inservio all over Australia. With both industry standard inputs, Modbus and Microlan temperature probes, the ezeio controller easily adapts into any of the needs at each location.


The units are equipped with a SIM card from an Australian operator, and shipped to the location where they are installed by local technicians.


The configuration is handled from Inservio's main office, and is usually done before the installation – configuration changes are automatically synced as soon as the unit comes online.


If a critical condition is detected, a text message is sent to the local administrator. If there is a communication break for more than 20 minutes, both Inservio and the local admin is alerted via email.


Additionally, a weekly summary for each refrigerator is created and sent as a PDF via email for easy inclusion in reports.


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