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Krispy Kreme

With over 300 doughnut shops across the United States, Krispy Kreme are interested in the data of what brings people into stores. One action which they knew increased custom, was turning on the Hot Light™, a neon sign at each store that indicates fresh doughnuts are available.


The reach of this sign was limited, so Krispy Kreme decided in 2010 to create a mobile app that fed data from the signs turning on and off, to those in the vicinity of their stores.


Krispy Kreme thus required a way of monitoring whether the Hot Light was on or off without involving store personnel.


That data needed to be sent to a centralized location.


One ezeio controller was set up in each store, monitoring the electrical current to the signs.


The controllers were pre-programmed with a unique store ID, and the on/off signal was sent immediately (<1 second) to the Krispy Kreme App server.


Thanks to the simple installation, not requiring a licensed electrician and very limited technical expertise, over 300 stores were equipped with this system within a few weeks.


The system has been in operation since 2011, and can be accessed in the Apple App Store and via Google Play.


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