Physical level monitoring can refer to a wide range of different applications, and includes several options for sensing methods.


Some key questions to ask before selecting a level measurement sensor:

  • Are you measuring a liquid or solid?

  • Is point level or continuous measurement required?

  • What level measurement range do you need?

  • Is the measured material electrically conductive?

  • Will the material coat or build up on surfaces?

  • Does turbulence, foam, or vapor occur at the surface of the liquid?

  • Will you need contact or non-contact level measurement?

  • What are the application’s temperature and pressure ranges?


Thanks to the industrial standard inputs on the ezeio system, many sensors exist that are compatible with the ezeio.


Some technologies for level sensing are:

  • Float switches

  • Ultrasonic sensors

  • Capacitive sensors

  • Pressure sensors

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> Float switches

> Ultrasonic sensors

> Capacitive sensors

> Pressure sensors

Measuring levels with the ezeio system

The ezeio system interfaces with many industry standard level sensors.

The output from the sensor can be continous (analog) or a simple on/off signal. The ezeio will make the sensor data instantly available in real time over the Internet in a secure and easy to use environment.


Sensor data can be monitored, recorded and alarm thresholds can trigger email, SMS or voice messages to be sent. The ezeio is also capable of controlling equipment such as pumps and valves.


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