Measurlogic Energy meters

Measurlogics DTS energy meters are ideal for PV applications to monitor the voltage and current on the DC side, before the inverter. Models for 3-phase AC are also available.


The DTS DC meters are available for shunts, hall effect sensors or direct (0-5A) current monitoring. Models are available for 0-50V, 150, 400 or 800 Volt circuits. For 150V models and higher, the meter is powered from the monitored circuit. The 0-50V model can be powered from the ezeio controller.


The DTS meters calculates the energy and power and internally stores the total energy in a separate register.


The DTS meters connects to the ezeio controller via Modbus. Up to 20 meters can be connected to the same controller via a daisy-chained communication wire. All parameters in the meter can be accessed remotely and logged via the ezeio system.


• DC power / energysub-meter provides Voltage, Current, Power and Energy measurements
• Bi-directional for renewable systems (NETmetering)
• Interfaces with shunt or external Hall Effect current sensors
• Up to 800Vdc Voltage input
• RS-485 connectivity – Modbus RTU
• Communications setting via DIP switches for Modbus RTU
• 2 digital status/counter inputs OR digital outputs – optional
• Compact DIN rail design
• User configurable using DTS Config software
• User-definable Modbus register area
• SunSpec Alliancecertified
• Designed and Manufactured in the USA. Complies with the Buy American Provisions of ARRA Section 1605


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