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Micro Paradox

Micro Paradox is a tissue culture lab that provides clonal root stock to nurseries. Tissue culture process starts with a single shoot which is grown in a nutrient rich medium and divided further into clonal shoots.  This process is repeated many times till the desired plant numbers are reached.


Micro Paradox supplies many cultivars of Walnut, Almond, Pistachio, Cherry, Pecan and Apple rootstocks. More than six million root stocks are delivered each year. Significant time and effort goes into a single order and on-time delivery is critical.


For this reason, Micro Paradox needed a dependable monitoring and alert system to monitor the environment of its grow rooms and greenhouses.    


  • Consolidating multiple sensor types over multiple greenhouses and grow rooms.

  • Connect to a network of sensors up to 250 ft from controller.

  • Sensors and electronics in harsh, humid environment (near 100% RH).

  • Power failures and communication loss can't affect the monitoring and alarm system.

  • Must be compatible with industry standard sensors and controls for future expansion.


Several ezeio systems were installed within the facility, and connected to multiple sensors of varying types.


In the greenhouses, each ezeio was installed in IP67 enclosures with a backup battery and with cellular communication as an automatic fallback if the local power or network should fail.


Modbus capable Temperature & Humidity sensors from E+E Elektronik were used, linked to the greenhouse ezeio.


Each ezeio has additional input/output capacity for future expansion.


The customer was so pleased with the system that they are planning to expand the use of ezeio’s throughout the facility.


New projects include;

  • Monitoring fertilization pH & EC levels

  • Mister pump cycle verification

  • Greenhouse access alarm system

  • Power quality monitoring


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