Monitoring & Visualization

The ezeio solution is the bridge between your browser and acquiring real-world data. It simply attaches to sensor and meters, making their collected information available to you from


Look through interesting historic of real-time data sets, and even set alerts for when they are unusual spikes or dips in your energy usage, such as a ventilation fan jamming.


Other benefits include:

  • Remotely control equipment, such as thermostats

  • Set up automated reporting for relevant recipients

  • Data logging for up to three years


The ezeio system functions as the bridge between your browser and the physical world.

Our system attaches sensors and meters, allowing you to instantly access data through our powerful, user-friendly and secure website.

Monitor & Log

Humidity & Moisture

For many applications, readily-available humidity and moisture data is advantageous, especially those involving animals, plants and sensitive electronics. ezeio supports several different humidity monitoring applications.

Energy & Power

The ability to access accurate data in real-time is key to improving efficiency and reducing loss in almost any organization. Thanks to ezeio, remote energy metering is now almost as easy as setting up a Facebook account.


You can reduce your monthly energy bills by up to 32% by monitoring your energy consumption accurately, but the key to large savings is a truly deep and involved analysis of the energy efficiency process.

Use Cases



Each store was equipped with a 3-phase energy meter and an ezeio controller. Data from each phase is recorded every 5 minutes and weekly report is generated for each store. The report is automatically emailed to management.


Energy monitoring requires a high-precision meter to be connected to each phase, and with HVAC systems varying in size, from 1 to 100 tons, the meter needs to support a wide range of voltages and CT sizes.


All existing electrical and cooling meters were connected to ezeio, accounting for the different meter types buy using a mixture of Modbus, S0 pulse, and analogue output.


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