Motion detectors are commonly found in alarm systems and automated lighting systems. There are several senor technologies, but the most common is Passive Infra Red, or PIR. PIR detectors has a sensitive infra-red sensor behind a Fresnel-lens that splits the detection area into vertical or horizontal sections. When a warm body moves between the fields, the sensor will detect rapid changes, and trigger a relay.

More advanced sensors combine multiple detection methods to reduce the risk for false alarms while keeping a high sensitivity to motion.

The output on most motion sensors is a simple relay contact.


The contact closure can trigger the ezeio logic to send an alarm, turn on a light or start a fan. For a more creative solution involving motion detection, read about out Smart Internet connected Door Chime here.

Detecting motion with the ezeio

Most commonly available motion detectors will work well with the ezeio. Detectors designed for alarm systems are low cost and runs on 12VDC with a simple contact closure output. This is ideal for the ezeio.


The ezeio can be used as a simple burglar alarm, light controller or to automate the HVAC system to turn on when someone is present.


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