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To compensate for their high energy consumption, Texas company EPS created a method of treating rooftop air handlers with special coatings that improve heat transfer performance and reduce corrosion. Claiming a 15-20% reduction in energy use, the company needed a surefire way of capturing accurate data and proof to show their clients. This could be achieved by comparing the energy usage before and after the procedure, taking into account the weather, and using two examples with similar atmospheric conditions.


Energy monitoring requires a high-precision meter to be connected to each phase, and with HVAC systems varying in size, from 1 to 100 tons, the meter needs to support a wide range of voltages and CT sizes.


Additionally, the system needs to support environmental sensors, such as temperature and humidity, and record that collected data parallel to the energy data.


With little surplus room inside the HVAC units, a data collection device would need to be mounted externally, exposed to both rain and sunlight.


The ezeio 3G/cellular controller was mounted in an IP65 ABS enclosure together with a high-precision energy & power meter.


A standard power supply delivers energy to both the controller and the meter, allowing for rapid diagnostics during the installation process. Environmental data is recorded together with power, energy and other metered parameters, and is made immediately available via the web UI.


Using the scripting feature, daily max temperature and total energy consumption are displayed clearly on the web-based dashboard.


The ezeio solution has finally enabled EPS to add a high-precision meter to an existing air handler, to collect useful benchmark data before the system is treated.


The agile meter can be moved to a new site and reused for a new air handler, however, thanks to our cost-efficient hardware, the company is considering leaving the system installed for continuous diagnostics to collect long-term data.


With access to real-time data and easy-to-compare historic graphs, clients are now confident and assured about how the system performs and what the savings are.


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