Runtime - On/Off or Open/Close

Monitoring when something is on or off can have many purposes. Depending on the type of equipment, the accumulated time it’s been on can predict service requirements. Monitoring exact on/off times, and correlating that with energy use may reveal simple actions to big savings.


Some applications for runtime monitoring include:

  • HVAC fan – the runtime of the fan can tell us when it’s time to change the filter

  • Oil/Water pumps – keeping track of how long the pumps run for production monitoring

  • Doors – monitor and control open/close times for security and energy optimization


To monitor a state like runtime or on/off, a suitable sensor input has to be chosen. The ezeio system has very flexible options for how to interpret this signal, so the signal can be analog (for example a Current Transformer), a switch or even a combination of several sensors.


Creative solutions like monitor motor run-time with a microphone picking up the noise, or using an accelerometer to monitor open/shut state of louvers are also possible.

Monitoring states with the ezeio

The ezeio has very flexible options for sensor types that can monitor states.

With the state detected, the ezeio can log the on/off events with time stamps and also count the time the system is in either state, down to single second resolution.


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