Temperature is usually an easy thing to understand and measure. It is a critical physical property that may have high impact on efficiency and environment. There are many reasons to both keep track of and control temperature.


Some applications where temperature monitoring may be of interest are listed here:

  • Refrigeration systems – Automate temperature monitoring to eliminate manual checks. Get real-time alerts by email, text message or phone. Maintain compliance with log history, incident reports, and NIST calibration.

  • Human environments – office, industrial or public spaces.

  • Agricultural applications – freeze alarms, optimal growing conditions or animal environmental monitoring.

  • Food safety – monitor and record temperatures for compliance and tracking.

  • Museums, old/vacant buildings or vacation homes – monitor for freezing or out-of-bounds conditions and keep historic data for records.

Temperature monitoring with the ezeio

The ezeio is ideal for monitoring temperatures in a wide range of applications.

The easiest way to connect temperature sensors to the ezeio is to use our digital Microlan sensors. They are automatically detected by the controller and added to the list or monitored inputs. The sensors have good accuracy even without calibration, a rugged waterproof casing, and a wide temperature range, -55°C to +125°C.

The data from multiple sensors can be viewed in real time from anywhere in a standard web browser. The ezeio can record variations over time, and present graphs and reports.

Up to four alarm thresholds can be set for each sensor, and the alarms can send messages (email, SMS, Voice etc) or directly control local functions such as outputs or thermostats.

Up to 20 digital temperature sensors can be connected to the ezeio controller.


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