Use Case

Solar hot water flow and energy metering


The aging energy meter was going bad, and was very inconvenient to read. No communication wiring was available in the machine room, and the flow sensor for the old meter did not function.


The contractor and the university wanted more direct access to the data – preferably monthly reports.


The budget to replace the sensor and meter hardware was less than $1000, which didn't even cover a new BTU meter.


A Grundfos flow sensor was installed in place of the old sensor. The sensor technology uses vortex shedding behind a bluff body, so it has no moving parts and has a built-in temperature sensor in direct contact with the water.


An additional temperature sensor was mounted on the return flow and directly connected to the ezeio controller. Using controller scripting, the energy calculation is done in real time in the controller, and logged in a non-volatile memory. Using the 3G/cellular controller, the system works with no dependence on local networks, and feeds data every 5 minutes to eze System's servers.


Thanks to the scripting feature, the ezeio system performs all the functions of a much more expensive BTU energy meter. In addition, the data is averaged in 5 minute intervals, buffered locally and then communicated via the cellular/3G network to eze System's cloud servers.


Both the university and the contractor have direct and independent access to the live data at any time, and reports are created daily, weekly and monthly as PDF files and emailed to each party. Since the ezeio was installed, the system has been serviced to perform more efficient, and the energy cost for the university has gone down.


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