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Sub-metering of utilities allows site owners to better understand and manage their energy and water consumption. When using a remote meter-reading technology, consumption data can be effortlessly captured for periodic reporting that gets sent to your inbox, daily, weekly or monthly. Data is readily viewable through our web portal in 15 or 30 min periods up until midnight from the day before.


By monitoring consumption on site, usage anomalies can be identified immediately and resolved, eliminating cost leakage. Similarly, monitoring allows energy management strategies to be deployed to help scale down the total cost of supply at each site.


Sub metering a site allows you to:

  • View energy consumption data across your entire site. 

  • Capture and view carbon emission information.

  • Monitor, manage and analyze the consumption of key utilities, to help identify anomalous areas of usage.

  • Develop cost-reducing energy management strategies.

  • Provide information for the direct allocation of billing cost centers, such as apportioning energy and costs for air conditioning plants in shopping centers.

  • Compare utility consumption usage across multiple sites.

  • Provide 30-minute interval data to energy retailers when tendering to obtain better contract rates.


Energy costs are one of the top 5 operating expenses for most commercial enterprises, which goes some way to explaining why companies are now looking for economical solutions to track their energy usage, measure the impact of building retrofits for energy efficiency, and provide multiple tenant billings.


eze System’s solutions relieve businesses who need to reduce energy costs and automate energy monitoring in multiple, distributed locations. The ezeio product in particular is more agile, flexible, intelligent, and affordable than any other energy management solution on the market. Our system enables businesses to:

  • Improve the utilization of their equipment and reduce maintenance by tracking energy usage.

  • Access 24/7 equipment management and controls through a cloud-based web platform.

  • Create email, SMS, or phone alerts for specific thresholds or parameters, which is incredibly useful for failed or failing equipment, and unusual operating conditions.

  • Incorporate energy reduction strategies into their operations, from top to bottom.

  • Access information and reports for the remote evaluation of their building and equipment usage.

Improve maintenance scheduling and reduce repair costs for their valuable assets


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