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Volvo Truck Center

Volvo Truck Center manages service centers for large trucks and buses at several strategic locations in Sweden. Each of their facilities are fitted with multiple systems for monitoring temperatures, levels, pressures and alarming.


However, most alarms are local to the device they relate to, or with the facility. Very few systems are monitored remotely or provide access to historical data, something that VTC were keen to resolve.


With only local status indication available for alarm systems, many disorder conditions or notifications would go unnoticed, causing monitoring equipment to deteriorate or run below its optimal performance.


The alarms needed to be efficiently communicated to a responsible party, and followed up on.


Existing alarm outputs from oil separators, drains and pump systems are now connected to ezeio controllers, and several new sensors have been added to monitor temperature, among other data sets.


Alarm and status information is forwarded to service administrators to generate work orders, or it is sent directly to service personnel.


All alarms and status signals are logged online and can be easily accessed both locally and remotely by the administrator via their web browser. Some statuses are also sent to big screen displays in workshops and public areas.


Full remote access, and the ability to monitor and log the status of machinery and systems improves safety, reduces service costs, and lowers energy use.


The ability with ezeio to quickly add sensors where needed, and communicate statuses via email, SMS or web, gives Volvo Truck Center management the actionable data they need to continuously improve their services.


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